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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NASA AND SPACE First satellite to orbit earth, October 4, 1957:The Soviet Union first launches satellite named SPUTNIK. First Human in Space, April 12, 1961:A man named Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space. First American in Space May 5,1961:Alan Shepard is the first American inSpace. First American to orbit EarthFebruary 20, 1962: John Glenncircled the Earth three times in four hours and fifty six minutes. First Women in Space June16, 1963: Valentina Tereshkova is the first Women in space spend 3 days in spaceALONE. First Space walk March 18, 1965: A man named Cosmonaunt Alexei Leonov is the first person to walk inSpace. First Deaths in Space January27, 1967: during a test on the launch pad a fire killsApollo 1, astronautsVirgil Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee. First Moon Landing July 20, 1969:Neil Armstrong is the first person to walk on the Moon. First Space Rescue April 13, 1970:AN oxegen tank explodes and aboards Apollo 13. First Space Station April 19, 1971:Soviet launches , Salyut 1, the firstorbiting space station. First American Space Station May14, 1973 Skylab is damaged duringits launch that the name of the space station, First Mars landing July 20, 1976Viking 1, an unmanned scientific probe controlled by scientists onEarth. First American Women in SpaceJune 18, 1985: Sally Ride is theFirst American Women in space First African- American in spaceAugust 30, 1985: Guion Bluford is the first African-American inSpace. First Civilian Death January 28,1986: The Space Shuttle CHALLENGER explodes killingALL SEVEN CREW MEMBERS. SPACE SPIN OFFS Category:A foam that makesSeats comfortable. Invention:Memory Foam Description: Also know as a temper developed under NASAcontract. Category:A satellite that correctserrors on television.. Invention:Satellite Television Description: Without technologypioneered by NASA they used to fix errors on space craft signals. Source: Category:Tools without a cord Invention:Cordless Tools Description:Martin Marieta Corporation designed tools for Nasa Which are cordless Source: INTERESTING FACTS: Category:A Iss Weight FACT: The mass of the Iss currently is 186,000 SOURCE: NASA.Gov Category:A Iss measurment FACT: THE ISS has about 15,000 ft of habitable volume SOURCE: NASA.Gov Category: Iss is bigger then the Senate Chamber FACT: The Iss solar array is large enough to cover the Senate Chamber SOURCE: NASA.Gov Category: Electrical power in Iss FACT: 8 Miles of wire will connect the power Source: NASA.Gov Category: Thermal Control FACT: Currently there are 21 honeycomed aluminum ratiantof pannels SOURCE: NASA.Gov Category: Meals FACT: Crews have eaten about 23,000 meals and 20,000 snacks Source: NASA.Gov
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