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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WW2 DOG By 1943 the allies were winning,On 1944 allied troops went from England to France to free it.By May 1945 the WW2 was over. People Lifestyle The war Ends The War Starts The second world war started 1939 the axis power formed by: Germany, Italy and Japan and was the allies power this one was composed by: Britain,France,Australia,Canada Safety measures - Evacuees - Air raids - Blackout double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Cities were emptied because of air raidsEvacuees stayed with host families Children were sent to the countryside and also to Canada, Australia and United States.Evacuees missed their parents and went to school together.Localยดs called them townies.Masks protect from poison gas and gas bombs.60.000 people died in Britain because of bombing raids.During blackouts people had to cover their windows and doors at night.Enemies could not see where to throw the bombs.Street lights were shielded.Traffic lights were fitted with slotted covers Road accidents increased. All the food the people got came from Great Britain and enemy ships robbed and sunk them.Thousands of children left their homes to evacuate the area country or place they were in.Rationing was the only way to know everyone had food.Money had to be given to any people to survive. Connections We could connect Anne Frank because she lived with fear during the war and also as a jew she hid from the nazis. She also survived bombarding, Anne and her family did a lot of blackouts because they feared the nazis.The Franks were taken to concentration camps and were bad treated We could connect it with Number the Stars because Anne Marrie and her family were very brave because they hid ellen that was a jew and said she was from their family. Knowing that if they were caught the hole family would be killed by the nazis for helping jewsAlso Ellens family was very brave for evacuating from Denmark and going to a boat to get to Sweeden knowing they could be catched.
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