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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Description Typhoosn in the Philippines The Typhoon happened in the Philippines on November 8 2013.Typhoons occur when a rough weather wave,using the earths rotations begins to rotate.The potential of generating a pressure system increases if this wave spins into a complete circle with higher pressure on the outside and a low pressure center.High winds surrounding the wave can disrupt the system from forming,ifthe system maintains its rotation and begins to spiral at a rate greater than 65 knots,it is reffered to as a tropical cyclone. Did any Countries help? I The other countries that helped the philippines after the typhoon is Canada,United States,Australia,New Zealand,China,Japan,Taiwan,Italy,Indonesia,Germany,Russia,Spain,Sweden,Singapore,South Korea and Switzerland. How did it affect Canada? The typhoon in the Philippines affected Canada and here are some reasons why.There are some family members people in Canada have that live in the Philippines,and during the typhoon the family members might have got hurt or died and their family members that live in Canada would be heartbroken and sad and they would be wondering if their family members in the Philippines are ok. Consenquences The typhoon in the Philippines killed nearly 6,000 people,nearly 1,800 more are still missing and more than 27,000 people have been reported injured.The typhoon also killed 2,665 of cattle,9669 carabao,107,367 hogs and 1,401 goats also the typhoon destroyed much of the regions infrastructure such as roads,water and sanitation systems and telecommunications lines and destroyed houses by it going in the water and getting flattened. How did Canada help? Canada is working to empower families to repair and rebuild their homes stronger to face the next storm.Care and partners are assisting vulnerable families with financial support to restore such livelihoods as vegatable farming,rice production and other income generating activities.Canada is also helping by donating money and curing and helping people by taking them to the hospital and giving them food and a safer home. What is being done for the future? Care and partners are building stronger better homes for people in the philippines to be ready for the next disaster, people are also giving the philippines a lot of food for them to be able to survive . Safety Concerns The results after the typhoon were water everywhere and bodies floating in the wapared down,.
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