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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 months later Various Inductions to theHair category My Secondment - Review all the documents providing amendments to the informations covered in the booklet- Summarize in a different document for better overview- check for any lack of clarity and get back to the expert Personal strengths shown - Work out key objective from the Boscard- Think about a storyline and what to cover- Pull out relevant demos from the database- Review competitor websites for relevant demos - Analyse data and reports, synthesize findings and extract insights - Define a structure for and organize the dictionary- Reduce Complexity- Review the Claims definitions Independent, outcome-driven way of working To be proactive - Review proposed Claims Support, collaborate closely with theAppraisal Team and update document- Meet with the different houses and check for correctness of informations onClaims definitions Good time management - Claims and demo work benefits from starting way ahead of Project time- Simplify the work with other functions as well as regional teams by developing good expert documents covering current technology and claims knowledge in an understandable way- Plan a proper rewind before starting any demo work to understand relevant consumer insights, competitors and work from other categories- Learning's on the Claims language journey, which helps maximizing the consumer experience at each product's moment of truth to deliver a brand experience that communicates the key benefit- Close collaboration between CTI/Claims and Appraisal Dove Hair Expert Booklet Dove Hair Expert Booklet Demo Opportunity Scoping for Project Dalila Demo Opportunity Scoping for Project Dalila Claims Dictionary Claims Dictionary Claims Dictionary Learning to take back to Savoury Additional things that shaped my secondment - Learning Day at the Salon, assessing products and being a consumer myself- Day in the lab, learning more on the appraisal techniques- Participation in a creative session for styling products- Attending a Demo Workshop- Exchange of experiences in the team meetings - Handover to Shona with clear actions as way forward- Provide options for the Agency, what and how to rewrite From Food To Hair - Finalize document by inserting appraisal protocols for even more detailed informations on the measurements- Final check with the Appraisal- Send out to the regions to capture their input - Conduct deep web analysis, web screening and track useful informations - Summarise opportunities for Dalila against consumer benefits- Develop a template to review the demos- Create an overview of the findings
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