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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Joseph Mengele was one of the most cruel doctors who is mostly does his work at Auschwitz and other doctors like Werner Fischer, Dr. Horst Schumann, Sigmund Rasher and others were also people who were involved with scientific experiments on prisoners at the concentrations camps. Who What These scientific experiments done by the doctors were cruel and pure torture to the prisoners like: Freezing / Hypothermia, Genetics,Infectious Diseases, Interrogation and Torture, Killing / Genocide, High Altitude, Pharmacological, Sterilization, Surgery, and Traumatic Injuries. Where These doctors and scientists did their work at concentration camps located around Germany and other countries. Most common known camps were Auschwitz, Ravensbrueck, and Dachau, When During WW2, when the holocaust occurred in earlier September 1939 that's when the medical experiments were performed on by the doctors and physicians in the concentration camps. Why They used most of their studies to make their German armies more stronger. Also, they wanted to make big scientific studies on the human body. How did it effect them: The doctors and physicians involved with the medical experiments were put on trial and some were sentenced to death and executed. Why do we need to learn this: To understand why the Germans performed all of these terrible medical experiments on the prisoners at the concentrationcamps during the time of WW2. My sources are credible because I found them on .org websites
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