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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 'Young people should get My Planner at 15th birthday.' 'It was helpful but didn't fully explain what being in care legally means and the processes involved in leaving care.' 'We should have it from the age of 15 and should go through it one-to-one with a social worker or personal advisor. The IRO should check that we have one.' 'Put it on the LAC Review document to be given out and gone through.' 'Put it in the Pathway Plan for 16th birthday. We need a consistent supply.' 'A phone app or website should be considered but hard copies are still useful.' 'Online, email, app, and PDF versions would be good.' 'An app is a good idea, most young people have smartphones. It's good to have a book as well.' 'Hard copy, online, and an app. Local information section should be included.' 'An app would be better, I didn't use the booklet.' 'There should be an onlineresource for local authorities to upload local info.' 'There needs to be a book and an app.' 'There should be a moving in package when you first come into foster care with a list of numbers. We want numbers of social workers' bosses and personal advisors' bosses. 'Useful. Relevant informationand it explains everything well.' 'Too long. It needs shorter paragraphs. More pictures. More legal information and processes etc.' 'Social workers do go through it with young people initially, but after that they're unsure if it gets used.' 'MPs should have information about complaints.'
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