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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 of are myopic 80% Singaporeans Myopia or Short-sightednessis a condition which causeblurry vision at distance.This is due to the elongation of the eyeball which causes the light entering the eye tofall in front of the retina. WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT? That's 8 in every 10 people! 20-20-20 Rule The Protect Your Eyes! Lens Light focusing in front of the retina Cornea Retina Singapore has the prevalenceof myopia in the world. MYTHS FACTS Too much near work causes/worsens myopia True myopia is irreversible. Once theeyeball grows longer, it will not become smaller If the parents have myopia, the child would have a greater risk of myopiatoo Avoiding the use of glasses/ under-correction can slow down/ reduce myopia progression Reading in the dark causes myopia Reading while lying down causes myopia highest B d t i Myopia o n i I f e m S T o . . o f . (Can be strenuousto the eye though...) (But do be mindful about the reading distance!) o o o o DID YOU KNOW? Complications of Myopia Retinal Detachment Glaucoma Cataract Thus, it is important to get a comprehensive eye examination doneannually References: References: Clinical Services. Paediatric Opthalmology & Adult Strabismus (2013). Retrieved November 25, 2014,from Singapore National Eye Centre: (myopia) - Associated eye conditions . (2013, November 28). Retrieved November 25, 2014,from National Health Service:, B. S. (2013, March 28). Myths About Your Eyes and Vision. Retrieved November 25, 2014,from WebMD: Use and Eyestrain. (2014). Retrieved November 25, 2014, from eyeSmart: Transition Optical, Inc. Digital image [online] Retrieved November 25, 2014, from eyeglass guide: high Every 20 minutes of near worklook at something 20 feet awayfor at least 20 seconds Audrey, Ee Ling, Jocelyn DOPT/22 2014 s
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