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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Novel Conflict The conflict of my novel is a treacherous blizzard that is stopping people to get home for Thanksgiving "Every flight every where going out of Baltimore International Airport was canclled. No one was going anaywhere. The airport was filled of angry people trying to get hometo their families for Thanksgiving." Setting The setting of my novel takes placein an airport, then in a car On the third row pn gate 7 in the 3 termonal on the west side of the BIA sat 7 strangers longing to board flight 161. Characters Glo Harry Angelia double click to change this header text! Lenny Ben "an elderly lady who works for the F.B.I. She is great in discuise." "a husky middle-aged man (type 2 diabetes) who had a deep voice and meant business." "Angelia is on break from Yale she uses words like magnanimous and uses words like perfidiousness in her everyday conversations." "His wife was expecting and was due very soon, he wished that he could be home with her he rocking by the fireplace instead of scrounging around for cheetos in the vending machine. "he woke up in a cold sweat. His Wendys name tag that read Ben in big blue letters was upside down. He looked a little disheveled." Ella Whitman Plot Exposition- Flight 616 gets cancelled and travellers are stuck in an airport"On the third row pn gate 7 in the 3 terminal on the west side of the BIA sat 5 strangers longing to board flight 161." Rising action- The five main characters steal a truck to drive home because Lenny's wife is having a baby. "They hauled their luggage into the back bed of the truck and all crammed in. Harry offered to drive first." Climax- the friends make it 13 hours in a truck to the hospital in Milwaukee. Next stop, Milwaukee Medical Center and this time I really mean it. Nothing is going to hold us back this time. And she was right." Falling Action- Lenny makes it to the hospital, and a little while later he has a new son. "Glo came to see Lenny and his wife and beautiful new baby boy named Charles." Falling Action- the rest of the characters make it home for Thanksgiving "He walked up to the front door, smiled from ear to ear and twisted the door knob."
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