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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MY NOVEL SETTING The novel takes place on a tropical island in the middle of a fictional sea The novel takes place on a tropical island in the middle of a fictional sea CHARACTERS Kaimana(Protagonist) Luce(Kaimana's best friend) Kai(Kaimana's twin brother) Best Friends "The palm trees around her swayed, and colorful birds fished in the green-blue water, pulling out fish thesize of Kaimanas head." Hunter(A guard who becomes friends with Kaimana) "[Kaimana, Kai, and Luce] jumped into the warm waves and splashed each other until they were all soaking wet. They each,one by one, ducked underneath the water, coming up giggling." "He was Kaimanas twin. He was similar in looks and shared her blonde hair and blue-teal eyes. They also had similar names, both meaning Of the sea." "Luce had freckles the color of weak coffee, and dark brown hair like the rind of a coconut." "reasonably long sandy-blonde hair ...her blue eyes drifted around the room ...a key she wore hung around her neck on a green ribbon...a weathered leather journal...[Kaimana's] sketchbook." "He was taller than her, by about six inches, and had shaggy brown hair. ...[Kaimana got] to know everyone better, particularly Hunter." ??? The mysterious antagonist, who took Kai away from the island PLOT (RISING ACTION) PLOT (CLIMAX) PLOT (FALLING ACTION) It is discovered that Kai has a power that is spoken of in myths. He leaves the island to marry when he is 17, and Luce and Kaimana go looking forhim. Kaimana meets Hunter, and they become friends They find that Kai had been kidnapped without him knowing, and they had forced him to use his power to gain riches for a faraway kingdom They return home, to safety ELENA CRITES
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