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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Chapter 3 info graph citizenship developed Citizenship developed the power began to change from rurel areas to cities it developed bew identities of belonging Integrity Following threw on things you say you are going to do and keeping your promises creates mich good Exploration The sprit of exploration wassomething that heavily affected the western worldview. This separated trade which sprouted wealth. Wealth is what made the renisance happen Imperialism Exploration wasn't all that good at times it lead to imperialism. People wanted more and more and more control. Empires began and people wanted way more control Exchange of goods and products European exploration and discovery lead to the redistribution of plants and animals. This gave an exchange od many different things from wealth to disease. This was good and bad for the people on this earth at this time Different places In 1870 Italy was formed because Rome joined and made it a modern state at the same time Germany had formed a nation. Settlements were started to be set up in Canada Ontario Quebec and maritimes Spirit of western wordview The trades are growing and places are starting to expand and countries are getting power. Exploration leads to imperialism Empires had expanded their land for protection of their original home land and to control more land and resources Europeans realized there was people with entirely different civilizations and histories. Although they considered their wayof life superior to other country's European leaders and scholars were impressed by Personal liberty Ideas about leadership lack of empihis on individual property ownership.
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