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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Ecological Footprint My Ecological Footprint If every person in the world lived my lifestyle, it would take 5.2 planets to support life. I use 23.1 global acres. Most of that land is used for energy.which means that i use 25.3 tons of carbon dioxide Services:38% Shelter:10% Food:21% Mobility:15% Goods: 16% My impact on the planet I noticed that by decreasing the amount of milesI drive to 50-150 miles instead of 150-200 thatmy plants decrease by .3 leaving me with 4.9 planets.Doing this helps decrease the percent of Mobility i use as well My carbon footprint My carbon footprint Home energy:58.3% Driving and Flying:8.2% Food and diet: 26.7 recycling:7.2% My behavior breakdown My behavior breakdown U.S. average behavior breakdown U.S. average behavior breakdown Home energy:36.8% Driving and flying:43.5% Food and diet:15.3% Recycling:4.4% I noticed that most of the carbon used by american is caused by driving and flying.i think because i do not drive that individually my rate would be lower. Mostly i use home energyas my main source of carbon. The average U.S. uses approximately 35% more carbon when flying and driving than i do. My total greenhouse gas emissions are 13 tons as where Americas average is 27 tonsseeing that each person uses 5.5 tons a year. I think my rate for home energy could go down if i use energy star appliances in my home. My water footprint My water footprint Over all i use 22 more gallons of water than the average american.i use 23 more gallons on stuff and i use 459 more gallons than the average american on energy. My home and diet levels are below average. if i drove 6,000 miles a year rather than 12,000 miles,i would reduce my energy gallon usage by 7 gallons. If i decrease the amounts of water i use on stuff, specifically furniture, i would have the exact same amount as the average american. Ways to reduce my carbon footprint Ways to reduce my carbon footprint different ways to reduce my carbon footprint would be to drive less, maybe carpool more, use energy efficient appliancesand buy less stuff. MY goal is also to recycle more. recycling was not one of my main issues, but i did have a lowamount of matter that i do recylce and i think doing so will help decrease my impact on planet earth and deacrease the amount of planets i use
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