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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Utopia Money TRANSPORTATION:Transportation would still includeall of the same things we have it wouldjust have some new editions. Firstoff, there would be the option of bouncing off the street in a bubble. The next option wouldbe to use a jetpack. The next one would be to use hoverers.Those are flying cars! The last option would to usefairy dust so you can fly everywhereyou go. HOUSING:For the housing there would be a bookletwith all of the house choices in it. You could live in a bubble to and underwater home to a simple farmhouse. If you wanted a custom design, that would work too. You can also add house ideasto the list. My house would be simple andsmall but I would also have a building for running the society and that would be amansion and I would have a room there forlate nights. That is my housing. My Money System would not be based on money but on points.When you first get to the UtopiaYou would turn in your moneyto the government so we can use itto get supplies from other societies.You would get a card in return with 100 points on it and at the end of each week, if 1 member of your family works, you would get 100 morepoints. Points work like money andyou can use points to buy things. Somethings would be 0 points to preventthe home less and starvation and somethings would be many points. That would keep the society healthy and rich. LOCATION:My location would be right herein Victoria, Minnesota. Our societywould fit neatly into a nice little neighborhood and everyonewould know everyone. Then,you would know if a strange car drove by. We would have everythingwe need in the center of our littleplace including stores and shops. RESOURCES:Our main Natural resour-ces would be a gold mine, rich trees, richsoil and farmland, and good weather. The goldwe could sell to get resources from other Utopias. The rich trees would befor furniture and the woodworks.The rich soil would be for farming, and the good weather is also forfarming and so we can enjoy the sunwe would get to still have enough snow to play in it though, but only haveheavy snow in part of the society.
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