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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Segregation in U.S. Education 1940s-60s vs. 2014 In 2014,African American Students are more likely than White students to: Attend schools with lower quality facilities Be assigned inexperienced and incompetent instructors Not have access to difficult workloads High School Students' Courses in 2014 68% of African Americans have the option to take Calculus 81% of white students have the option to take Calculus African Americans account for 16% of High School Students but constitute only 1/10 of kids in A.P. courses School to Prison Pipeline(2010-2014) Public H.S. Enrollment--51% White,16% BlackStudents with multiple suspensions--31% white, 42% BlackBlack students represent 31% of school-related arrestsBlack Students are suspended 3xas much as white ones 1956-1960 Education Statistics by Race Blacks Whites Attend a school where the teachers on average are 97% WhiteAverage Verbal Test Score--72 Attend a school where the teachers on average are 65% BlackAverage Verbal Test Score--55 Conditions for African American Students compared to whites (1954-1960) Have less access to laboratories Have much more poorly constructed facilities Have less books in their library Average White student's educational advantage over a Black student's through the years(1954-1960) 6th Grade--1.6 years ahead9th Grade-- 2.4 years ahead12th Grade-- 3.3 years ahead High School Stats(1950-1953) In 1952, the Average Southern state spent 50% more on white students than BlacksOn average, the highest paid teacher at an all blackschool earned less than the lowest paid at an all white one.In the south, the amount of students per class at an all black school was 47 on average as opposed to 28 at an all white one. Black Students still suffering in education(2013-2014) 25% of dominantly African American Schools don't offer Algebra 2Black students are more than 3x as likely to attend schools where fewer than 60% of the teachers are state certified Jordan MyersEnglish IIMs. Melder3-4-15
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