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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Have an iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini? Heres a helpful guide to downloading and reading iBooks on these or any other Apple device 1. Download the iBooks app on your Apple device. This can be done by visiting the App store, searching iBooks, and pressing the blue GET button next to the app. 2. Next, under theapp settings onyour device, ensure that the iBooks app settings are set to automaticallysync collections.This means that the iBooks library will be updated onall your Apple devices wheneveryou add to your library. The iBooks app icon is shownbelow on an iPhone screen: 3. Next, it is time to visityour local library websiteto download an eBook.You will likely be able to follow the prompts on the webpage to find the library's collection of digital resources. 4. Search for a book you wantto borrow, or browse for one ifyou prefer. 5. Hover over the bookto select "Borrow," or look for a borrowbutton near the book.The library site will now ask you to signin if you are notalready signed in.After signing in, it willtake you to a page with your selectedbook. 7. The book should now appear in your downloads. On a Mac, the book will automatically open in iBooks. However, if itdoes not, you can right click on the icon and select "Openwith..." and choose "iBooks" from the Apps menu. Uponopening the book, iBooks will open and the book will appear in the iBooks library. 8. You have successfully downloaded an eBook for Apple devices! You should now be able to read your book by clicking on it in iBooks. Also, as soon as your Apple devices sync, the book should be available across all of your devices through each of your iBook libraries. 6. Clicking the download buttonnext to the book of yourchoice will allow you to choose the format you wishto download it in. For iBooks,we will choose "Open EPUBeBook." Choose "ConfirmDownload" and the book willdownload onto your PC ormobile device. Congratulations!
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