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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1.)M. Leprae is a gram positive(Bacteria that has a thick cell wall made of a protein called peptidoglycan. These bacteria retain crystal violet dye) aerobic rod-shaped cells surrounded by a waxy coating 4.)Symptoms of this diseaseinclude disfiguring skin sores, lumps, or bumps that donot go away after severalweeks or months.The skin sores are pale-colored. The person also experiences weakness, numbness, eye pain, or loss of vision. 3.)Transmission of Mycobacteriumleprae is believed to spread from person to person in respiratory droplets, saliva, and direct contact. Mammals with lower temperatures are better hosts for leprosy,Thisis why only a few species,such as nine-banded armadillos,are known to be carriers of M. leprae. This is also why in humans, leprosytends to be found primarily at theperipheral nerves. Hands and feet tend to be cooler than the core bodytemperature, providing a morehabitable environment for M. leprae 6.)In order to prevent this disease,one must avoid contact with the person that has uncured and untreated leprosy, especially with the person's saliva or nose droplets Did You Know? 2.) Mycobacterium Laprae, also known as Hansen'sDisease, is a bacteria that causes Leprosy.If you have a good immune system, the bacteria will result in the tuberculoidform of the disease, with limited skin lesionsand some asymmetric nerve involvement. A poor immune response can result in the lepromatous form, which can result in bone lossand body deformation Until the late 1940s, leprosy doctorsall over the world treatedpatients by injecting them with oil from the chaulmoogra nut Until the late 1940s, leprosy doctorsall over the world treatedpatients by injecting them with oil from the chaulmoogra nut Did you know that For a long time,leprosy was thought to be ahereditary disease, a curse, or a punishment from God? 5.)Treatment to this disease varies from personto person.Depending on the persons immunesystem and the bacteria's resistance,BCG vaccine, Ricaballicin, andMonopolistic drug combinations will be used.Dapsone, rifampicin, and clofazimine were also used,but the bacteria became immuneto this treatment AVOID CONTACT Fun Fact:M.Laprae's ideal conditions are around 33 degrees C.which is why this bacteriais mainly found in handsand feet Works Cited:' Mycobacterium Laprae: I am Dr. Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen of Norway,and I was the firstperson to identifythe germ that causes leprosy using a microscope
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