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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What were the key factors led Western Worldview to grow out of the Renaissance? What were the key factors led Western Worldview to grow out of the Renaissance? Introduction As Western Europeans experienced changes to their political,economic, and social systems during the Renaissance, their values andbeliefs about life on this Earth also changed. Individuals became opento examining new ideas about religion and about national identityand citizenship. A focus on exploration also grew. Religion became a part of the Renaissance Humanism and other Renaissance ideas that began in Italy gradually spread to western and northern Europe towards the end of the 15th century. As Renaissanceideas spread beyond Italy, they were changed and adapted by the citizens of other parts of Europe to reflect their societies.Church became the basis of the Protestant Reformation. National Identity and Citizenship Begin to Develop Societies became more urban, Citizens developed new identities of belonging to a state as well as to their local communities, Gunpowder was introduced from China, which changed thenature of the battles between monarchs and the nobles who owned feudal properties. The invention of the printing press and the use of locallanguages helped create national identities. Spirit of Exploration During the Greek and Roman Empires,land trade routes were expanded, so more exotic goods from societiesbeyond the edges of the empires made their way back to Europe.Throughout the Middle Ages, city-states such as Genoa and Veniceexpanded their trading areas in the Eastern Mediterranean and theBlack Sea. They traded with Islamic and Asian civilizations for luxurygoods desired by consumers in Europes growing wealthy middle andupper classes. Trade was becoming increasingly profitable. How did the Age of exploration Begin As Portugal, France, Spain, and England became more powerful united countries, Each had an Atlantic coastline, which put them in the best position to explore unknown parts of the world to the west.The monarchs of these countries financed overseas explorations,hoping to establish independent connections with the Far East The new ship designs, navigational tools, and navigationalinformation they gathered enabled explorers to sail to theNew World and other far-off lands. Exchange of goods and Products change the world European exploration, discovery ,and colonization led to the redistribution of plants and animals around the world.It also had beneficial and destructive effects on the population. How did the Imperialism affect the European worldview The explorations of new lands and new peoples altered Europeanknowledge of geography and history. Europeans realized that therewere people with entirely different civilizations and histories thantheir own. Personal Liberty Ideas about leadership and consensus government lack of emphasis on individual property ownership
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