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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Here we determine:What is being accomplished?Has a goal or topic been specified? How much do we already know? My Writing Process What is needed? Know your Topic! Here the topic isresearched and sources are analyzed. Here connections are explored in the research. The research is applied to the general idea. Analyze Research Sometimes new ideas take hold. These ideas can be further developed and incorporated. New Ideas! Further Research and Analysis General Idea to Cohesive Argument Get it out of your head!! Take Another Look Now knowing your topic and ideas well, form your argument. Then outline your argument with support and connecting conclusions. Now take that outline and give it life by writing. New points might come to mind as you write your argument, but only keep them if they are necessary to your argument. If youuse new ideas, make sure they connect with your argument! Now that your argument has been written, goback and make sure it makes sense. This might mean having someone else read it. If it doesn't make sense to them, then it doesn't matter if it makes sense to you. You can't achieve your goal without being able tocommunicate it to the audience. Your argument is written, reviewed and ready for presentation! Hopefully the goal has been achieved. If not, this would be an excellent time to learn from yourmistakes for a better writing argument next time. The Finale Connectingnew ideas,research, andargument.
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