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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the many My of calcium 290 mg Emmerica Utopian Society Each house has aspecial rooms to havea lot of fun in. For example there will be a trampoline room where thewalls and floors aretramps. orange juice I think that people can get grouchy and annoyed if theywork hard and a lot. To prevent this happening, people have to work on task for 30 hours. Everyone gets a job that they would like, if they don't like there jobs, they can change. I believe that people will get bored and will not have as much fun. Entertainment Transportation Labor By: Emma Thompson food There's no need for polluting the Earth! So people can ride in a Hover Car. A Hover Car doesn't need gas to run. When you dive it,it is slightly off the ground. No one will every behungry again! If peoplerun out of money to buy food, they will pressa button on the wall to eject food out of the wall. I don't want my society to be the fatteston Earth. So whe people think they are beginning to come out shape, they willgo into a machine that loses weight for you. Thisway, everyone will be happy and skinny! Another way to travelis by bubbles. Anyone can step onto the stand push a botton to start it up. A bubble will start to form around you. Everyone can put in suggestions for a TV show. If it is a good idea, we will try to create it. I will hire the best people to work inthe government. But, everyone can put a slipof their feelings in a box outside of the government builiding.
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