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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Ideal TPACK arrangement is for a balanced interaction between the Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Technological Knowledge. This is what I am aiming towards as I continue in my Elementary Education Program. Currently, this is closer to what I feel my TPACK arrangement is now: CK:At the moment, I feel that the strongestpart of my TPACK is my ContentKnowledge. With a strong background in both Sciences and Music, I feel that I am verywell-rounded and able to be flexible as required by the Elementary Ed. Program. PK:This is my first year in the ElementaryEducation After-Degree Program, so I am just starting to learn thepedagogical aspects to teaching. Since I am enrolled in several EDEL classesright now, I feel that my Pedagogical Knowledge is a bit stronger thanmy Technological Knowledge. TK:I feel that my Technological Knowledgeis quite limited. While I do have gadgetslike a laptop, a cell phone, an iPod, etc.,I don't think I really use them to their full capabilities. I think there's still somany technological functions thatI can still learn about. PCK:Right now, I am in some EDEL classesthat I can apply some of my background knowledge in sciences and music. So I think there is some overlap between my Pedagogical and my ContentKnowledge. TPK:As I am just learning about both the Pedagogicaland the Technological aspects of teaching, there is only a bit of overlap between those two kinds of knowledge. TCK:Despite my limited Technological Knowledge,I can apply what I know about technology to my content knowledge. But, as I mentionedin under the Technological Knowledge,I do think that there is more to learn abouthow to apply Technology Knowledge toContent Knowledge Content Knowledge PedagogicalKnowledge TechnologicalKnowledge My TPACK Reflection
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