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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strength? What is my You have more energy and more goals than other people. You love a sense of accomplishment Achieving Caring In your heart, helping other people is very important. You want to make the world better by helping people in small or big ways. Competing You believe in yourself and what you can do. Thishelps you take on challenges because you feelsure you can succeed. Confidence You see many things in life as a game, and you feel great joy when you win. You truly hate to lose because you are always striving for first place. Dependability Trust is important to you, and you care about beingseen as responsible and trustworthy. People counton you to do what you say you will do. When youmake a promise, you mean to keep it. Curiosity Futurist A thinker and learner, you are excited about exploring ideas and making connections. You like to ask the questions "How?" and "Why?" Your mind loves to think and dream about thefuture. You are a person who thinks about whatis possible, what what is impossible. Organizer Scheduling, planning, and organizing your worldmakes life better. People count on you to get the details right and pull a plan together Leadership You were born to be at the front of the room tellingstories and taking the lead. Other people watchyou and listen to you. Just like a bundle of sticks is harder to break than a single twig, each person has individual strengths that combine to improve and strengthen the team. Relating You like to start friendships and keep them fora long time--maybe even your whole life. You widen the circle of friends for yourself and others.
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