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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 you want to be an actor MY SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE My Social Media Identity High: Social Media Maven (33-48)You know mostly everything when it comes to social media. But if you start spendingmore time with your online friends than your real friends, you may be at moderate risk of socialmedia addiction. Our advice? Take a break, find a trusted senior citizen, and have them knock somesense into you before you require an intervention. My Social Media Life According to Others The words people used to describe my social media profile were classy, unique, and easygoing. Are the Others Right? I believe these words describe & represent me.These are definitely words I wouldwant associated with me,because they are very positive & Ibelieve it's good to be though ofin such a nice way. Here's What I Like: golf, music, and food How can I use it to make a change using social media? 1. To get people interested in golfing I'll post fascinating links about the great things people should know aboutgolf on i.e. Twitter or Facebook. 2. To get people interested in my types of music, I'll postgreat songs on social mediasites that I think otherswill like. 3. To get people interested in food I will useTwitter to retweet andpost pictures of amazingfoods WHICH CHANGE WILL I MAKE Since music is something I really like,I will post about different types of musicand the effects that it can have on people. WILL YOU FOLLOW: Head (Logical): Posting about all types of music would be smart, because not everybody likes the same music,therefore my project will be more effective. Heart (Emotional): Posting about the music thatI like would make me happy, because it's somethingthat I can relate too. It wouldn't be logical, because I'm doing a project based on everyone else, not myself. WHO'S YOUR AUDIENCE & WHO'S NOT? Anybody who listens to lots of different music is myaudience. Anyone who doesn'tis not my audience What's Your Approach? -I will definitely encourage people to listen to what I have to say and reach outif they have an opinion on music -I will try and convince other people that only listen to onetype of music, to maybe try listening to others-I will help others realize that if people listen to different types ofmusic, it could change theirentire mood & possibly make them happier Is This the End? 1. Intended change: To get people to realize that music has hugeeffect on you & if you listen to uplifting music if could effectyou in a positive way. Plan: To reach out to others on Tumblrabout different genres and try to open up their eyes & see if they felt how I felt about music. 2. Target audience: Everybody on social media. Tried to get them involved by asking questions & asking for responseson how music effects them and how they feel about it.3. Yes, this is the end, but I will continue the project by continually reaching out to people on Tumblr.
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