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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] By Thomas Li 2 1 Improve myprogramming skills Learn to juggle 3 ballsand or more School Goals Personal Goals I shall create an fps/tank simulator using Unity engineIn collaboration with SamirModels created using BlenderWill start during early term 2Basics of game will function by the end of term 3Polishing the game free of bugs afterwardsIs second most important goal 2 Improve mymathematics 1 Improve myhousehold MY SMART GOALS House will soon be renovatedSet activities are creating the foundationsand pouring concreteWill plan to help out on more activi in spare time if notconflicting with other plansEstimated time 6 monthsIs third most important goal School Goals Personal Goals for more great ideas visit ATTAINABLE? YES! SUSTAINABLE? YES! COMPLAINABLE? NO..... Continue practicing with juggling when notconflicting with more important activitiesShall seek help from better jugglingclassmates and internet guidesAlways attend triple m juggling activitiesPractice at home in spare timeShall finally be able to juggle over 50repetitions by the end of term 3Remains my least important activity Complete optional maths task sheetsStudy beforehand on test for at least 1 hourStudy mathematics problems at homeUse computer, textbooksAsk family or friends for help when stuckShould notice improved grades from testsin term 3
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