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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Philosophical Thinking MY Progressivism TheWhole Child Existentialism ActiveExperimenting FreeWill Appreciate Yourself I believe that every person has their own views on things and that no two people will have an identicalpoint of view. I can relate to Existentialism as it states that every individual determines for themselveswhat is right and wrong for example. Saeverot, Reindal and Wivestad (2013) defines Existentialism asobtaining a subjective truth as opposed to an objective one; you can not force your belief onto someoneelse, they listen and then interpret it into their own personal beliefs. I hope to incorporate this into myteaching by not forcing my opinion onto any of the children, I will tell them what the school believes to beright and wrong but it is up to the children whether they choose to believe that for themselves. I will alsogive the children opportunities to talk about their opinions so that other children can listen and get wellrounded view in a topic. This also fits in with the existential view of everyone recognising themselves asindividuals and deciding what path they want to take in life. However, Solomon (2007) states that inrecent times, existentialism has been associated with pessimism rather than positivity and is taken out ofcontext quite a lot. In my teaching, I will have to ensure that a positive atmosphere is always maintained andthat these assumptions do not make it into the classroom. I believe that there is nothing more important in a class than the children;how they are learning and how they are feeling. I can relate to Progressivismin the fact that it puts the child first, before the content and the teacher. Labree(2005) defines Progressivism as thinking about the needs and interests of thechildren, focusing on skills to learn rather than content and encouragingself-directed learning. I hope to be able to incorporate some of these aspectsinto my own teaching by getting to know the children and listening to themand giving the children opportunities to learn independently on topics thatinterest them. This, in turn, will make the children feel more appreciated in theclassroom and make them feel more comfortable. Children learn through theirown experiences so I would have to ensure that my teaching provided differenttypes of experiences for the children who learn in all different ways and thenthey can take away what they want from each activity. However, Pogrow(2006) states that progressivism would not work well in schools alone, thereneeds to be some tradition in order to keep the balance. Without progressivism,schools could become unpleasant places to be but the system of publiceducation is built on the traditions. In my teaching I would look into how I couldincorporate the two together in order to optimise the learning in my classroom.
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