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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leadership Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources If I was a government then I would make hospitals, government schools and things like that. so that everybodygets treatedproperlyor educated properly. I Welfare 1916 My Perfect Government If i become the leader then I want everyone to listen to me because I only make rules to keep peoplesafe. My good points is that I will make the life easier and longer for the people in my country. The bad points for other government systems are that they do not care for their own country. Most of the government welfare in my own country is focused on improve social protection, health and education of the citizens of the country. My responsibility is to make sure that they my country has enough schools so that children to get educated. I will also make sure that they are enough houses for people to live in my country. My government cares that everybody gets educated. other governments dont care if they have enough schools or houses for people to live in. Economy I spend money on useful things like houses, education, and roads. My responsibility is not to use the money on useful thing and not things like I-phone 6 and things like that. we have to spend the money on things like Education, houses and roads.Other governments spend their money on useless things like mobile phones, ipads and things like that. Decision Making I communicate with the citizens and then me and the citizens think about what decisions we should make.My responsibility is to make decisions that the citizens also like not only I should like it. I will try and only make decisions if the citizens agree on it. Succesion Only I will choose the next Leader.My responsibility for choosing the next is to choose a caring and responsible leader.I think I should choose the leader because I will make a sensible leader and if I let the citizens choose they might choose a leader that is not responsible for the country. Representation If a citizen asks something then I will try and do it if it is right for the country. My responsibility is to also listen to the citizens because it is also their country. I will only listen and do it if that is a good idea and will help the county. I think I should listen to the citizens because they might have a good idea that will help the country.
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