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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My PLP- Goal Setting Getting my learning plate for driving Stragerties used ~Studying with how to drive books~Asking parents and adults who know how to drive for help ~Doing the practice tests online Since the law is that when youare 16 that is when can do thelearning plate tests. I will get my learning plate after the term 2 school holidays Time Frames Resources used ~Online practice tests~Driving handbooks~Help from adults who drive Getting at least a B level grade in all of subject exam Stragerties used ~Revising everything everything learned in class~Taking time to research more about the topic to get ahead~Doing my best during the test Resources used ~Textbooks~Notes written from class~Help from teachers or parents Time Frame When the end of the topic studied in class Enrolling into a good university Stragerties used ~Getting good grades in exam to show that I am am capbable ~Getting information from websites to see how to enroll into that specific uni ~Comparing between university so that I find one that suits me Resources used ~Websites from the unis~People who go or have gone to that uni~Information booklets about the uni Time Frame Probably after year 12 so that I can enroll in a uni straight away Trying develop some understanding with medicine or my interest topic in Univeristy so that I can use it to excel in yr 12. Resources Used ~Books on the specific topic~Websites about the topic ~People who study on that specific topic Stragerties used ~Reading books about medicine~Maybe doing my research project related to the topic~Asking people, who are studying medicine, questiosn about it Time Frame ~Starting from yr 10 to the end of yr 12 so I can keep on researching about it and learning new things Peer Advice With my parents I have discussed and refined my goals as my parents has said that instead of having my goals so broad, narrow it down so that you would be able to accomplish it. It has impacted me because when I chose what goals i am going to achieve it would be easier to achieve. It has also changed the way I chose which goals as in the past I would always use the much broader type goals . Also my parents have told me that you should reach goals that should be necessary to my learning and my time in University not goals that don't really impact me that much. This also has changedthe way I chose goals as sometimes I would chose goals that don't really relate to me. Using this advice has helped me chose which goals to use to reach my goals
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