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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Natural High My natural high is being with kids. From a young age I have always enjoyed being around and taking care of children. Being with kids WHEN I BECAME INTERESTED? When I was in grade school, mom ran a daycare out of ourhome and I can remember cominghome from school every day and helping her out and watching the kids. From that moment I realizedthat being with kids was my passion. IMPORTANCE? One of the greatest things aboutmy natural high is that I am role model from the kids I watch, play with and take care of. This just makes it easier to say no to drugs and alcohol. So I can bethe best influence on the kids as possible, I have to set the best example as possible. Also kids have a whole bunch of energy and to keep up with all of them I need to be healthyand if I was to do any drugs this would be stopping me from keeping up with them and havingjust as much energy as them. PARTICIPATION &ACCOMPLISHMENTS Whenever I can I try to take part in my Natural High! I am constantly with kids, normallyat least 2-3 times a weekThe best thing about my natural high is that I can do it in so many different ways. I can babysit, I can coach, I can teach, I can volunteer. The possibilities are endless. Babysitting Friends, Family, and NeighborsHelping with Kindergarten Art at Dixon Elementary SchoolTeaching Fifth Grade Religious EducationHelped with Sixth Grade Jr Spartan Volleyball FURTURE I want to be a kindergarten teacher. This way I am doing what I love to do every day and can strive to be the personI want to be. I also want to start a family of my own and have my own kids. With the skills I am learning with all theopportunities to work with kids I will be a better mom and teacher. My Natural High has helped me so much,by participating in my Natural High it has become clear to me, who I am, and what I want to be in my future. When I take part in my natural high I release stress and begin to relax. I have also noticed when I am with kids I become more positive and have an open more than when I am by myself. When I am with kids I become the person I want to be.
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