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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Greek God double click to change this header text! My Greek God's name was Zeus.His roman name was Jupiter. He wasking of all god's. People mostly foundhim on Mount Lykain. His powers,he controlled the sky, he could hurllightning bolts, he controlled the seasons. Zeus's parent's were Rhea, and Cronus.His brothers and sisters name was Possidon,Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. His Goddess was Father of the god's.His wife's name was Hera, which is his sister.He was raised by a women called Mother Earth.His children's name was Appolo, Dionysus, Hermes,and the goddess Artemis. His birth and infancy was, when Zeus was born his mother didn't want him to be eaten like her other baby's because Cronus didn't want to be over thrown by his his mom wrapped him up when he was born and took him to a women called "MotherEarth" to be raised. In his childhood Zeus was given to Nymphas and Amalthea when he was a baby so he could live it to his fullest.As an adult He soon married Hera, witchwas his sister. They had four children together.And Zeus had many affairs. What did her look like?He was a big man, with big mussels, He had a long beard, with long hair. He was not right to his wife because he had manyaffairs. His weapon was a thunderbolt.Giant bombs was his object. What was his animals?The Aetos Dios. (Golden Eagle).Did he have any symbols?Yes he had thunderbolt, egale, and bull oak. Zeus. Rhea.Zeus's mom. Cronus.Zeus's dad.
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