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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Govenment Leadership My Government type will be Dictatorship.Dictatorship is only the government can make the decisions.We will make the best decisions for the country.Some people might not be happy because the didn't get what they want.Some people might be happy if we choose something that they want. Econmy double click to change this header text! We will get suggestionfrom the citizens for what to buyand then we will decide.Our responsible for choosing the best suggestion.We will make the best decisions and some people will be happy some will not. Welfare We will have Hospitals,Clinics,Fire department,Schools,Apartments,Parks ETC.Our responsibility is to make a budget dependingon how much things we have to buy.Everyone will be happybecause we have everything we need for a good country. Reprasentation I think this system is the best because we can make the best decisions for the country.The country will be safe because wemake the best decisions. Successions We will find the best leaderfor the.our responsibility is tomake sure the next leaderis going to take for his/hercountry.Everyone will behappy for the next leaderbecause we will have a good leader. Decision Making We will make all the decisions and they will be the bestdecisions for the country.We will have the best leader for the country because we are making the decisions.
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