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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Footprints Ritvik Bodducherla After Altering My Lifestyle By editing my current lifestyle, I was able to reduce my footprint by approximately 1 Earth.I realized that my goods and services occupied a lot of space on my pie chart, as well as energy land on my global acres chart. To resolve this, I pledged to recycle more often, and by more reusable products in order to reuse the goods and services I receive. In addition, if I used more green energy, then my energy land would significantly decrease as well. However, I still found that I could not reduce my planet count below four. Carbon Footprint My Current Lifestyle My Current Lifestyle After Altering My Lifestyle After doing the carbon foot print test, I found that though my carbon emissions were almost half of the average American, it was almost 3 times as the world's average. After looking at the percentages, I found that I used a lot more home energy than most, proportionally at least. I figured out that if my family installed more energy efficient lighting and if I used less hot water, I could be a little closer to the world average, but not much. However, we have gotten used to this way of life, and so to live comfortably in this country,I am not able reduce it much more. Water Footprint My Current Lifestyle After taking the water footprint test, I finally got a grasp on the amount of water I was using a day. While some have access to only about 2.5 gallons a day,I am using nearly 1,000 times more water, and so is most of America.Since I take a 15 minute shower a day, equaling about 30 gallons of water,I probably can reduce that amount significantly.I'm using a lot more transportation and energy water than the average American,so perhaps I can try to reduce the places I drive.Also, I can reduce the number of loads of laundry by bunchingdifferent kinds of clothing together, which reduces my home water consumption After Altering My Lifestyle Avg American Water Use:2,088 g Many peoples' access to potable water: 2.5 g (This is not to scale, but it shouldbe much smaller) My water use: 1,998 g Ecological Footprint
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