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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MY FOOTPRINTS! Carbon Footprint Water Footprint Ecological Footprint THOUGHTS: Looking at my water footprint, it was surprising to see that I use so much more than the average. Water use for energey was the leading cause of my water use being over the average.I was also surprised by the amounts of water needed for certain items. A simple hamburger consists of the water to grow the food for the cattle and the drinking water of the cattle. Even flushing atoilet costs money.HOW I CAN CHANGE IT: I can take shorter showers to conserve water. I can alse eat less meatand dairy to minimize my water use. Lastly I can get more efficient appliances , like alow-flow showerhead, to lower my water bills. THOUGHTS: Looking at my ecologic footprint, it was very surprising to see that it would take 4.6 Earths to support my lifestyle for everyone on this planet.It was also surprising to see that it would take 20.4 globalacres of Earth's productive area and 20.4 tons of carbon dioxide are needed to support my lifestyle.Just seeing how many resources it would take if everyones life was like mine is profound. HOW I CAN CHANGE IT: Most of my ecologic footprint comes fromvarious services and goods. To decrease my impact I should buyless unnecessary new items and recycle more. I can also buy recycled goods to minimize the goods needed for my life. THOUGHTS: Looking at my emissions compared to the average U.S. citizen,I am doing very well in my Greenhouse Gas emissions. I have less thanhalf the emissions of the average American. Contrary to the WorldAverage, I have more emissions from Home Energy and Food & Dietthan Driving and Flying. This has probably occured because I am notyet driving my self around.HOW I CAN CHANGE IT: To reduce my impact, I could get my parentsto invest in energy efficient heating, cooling, and lighting of my house.I can also eat less meat and more organic food. Lastly I can carpool,use public transportation, or just walk to reduce my emissions. By: William DeCramer
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