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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MEMBERS Ray Toro Standing at 5'6, Frank's rebellious spirit and energy receives positive reactions from everyone. Frank Iero Mikey's shyness and awkward knees make him a hit among everyone. Mikey Way Gerard Way The sassy front man's dramatic vocals and quirky humor makes Gerard a fan favorite. Ray's stunning talent and frizzyfro make him a stand-out member of the band. ALBUMS I Brought You MyBullets You Brought Me Your Love Danger Days- TheTrue Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys Conventional Weapons The first album ever released was considered unofficial being that it was recorded in a friend's basement. Bullets includes un-tuned guitars, weak vocals, and a lot of fun. The Black Parade Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge The second album createdand the first major record for the band, Three Cheers is a turning point for the band andwhat Gerard considers "the meaning of My Chemical Romance as a band." This album is a rock opera based on the death of the Way brothers' grandmother and includes punk, grunge, and metal elements. The third album is another rock opera telling the tale of 'the Patient'and his journey through death. Gerard's vocals capturesthe agony of the character perfectly and the varying music types resembling thatof Queen make the Black Parade aninteresting listen. Danger Days was an unexpected turnfor the band. The previous 'emo-rock' soundwas abandoned after Gerard's depression came to an end and a knew, happier style was taken on. The third album and second rock opera tells the tale of futuristic rebelsfighting the government based offof the award winning comic bookwritten by Gerard himself. The last record released beforethe break-up is anotherunofficial album.The music combines stylesfrom every era making it the perfect farewell for the band. My Chemical Romance The Life Story Of 2001-2013"My Chemical Romance is done, but it can never die. Because it's not a band, it's an idea."
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