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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Then: Now: Bread: 8 cents $3.75Milk: 14 cents $3.55Meat: 20 cents $3.79Butter: 24 cents $2.68 Jade Erickson Survival in the Storm:The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace Edwards Dalhart, Texas, 1935 Period 7 Theme: Population:1935- 1.6 million2014- 7 million Katelan Janke 2002 The theme of this bookis courage, and nevergiving up. Grace and herfamily have manyobstacles that they faceall because of one storm. Setting: The setting takes place inDalhart, Texas in 1935.From February 17th toOctober 10th, Grace rightshow her and her familystruggled through the harshand long-lasting dust storm. Plot: On February 17th, 1935,a girl by the name of GraceEdwards was given a diary.Almost everyday she wrote inthis diary explaining her life story. Her little sister Ruthwere out in the storm one dayand got stuck out there. Frominhaling so much dust, theyboth became sick for days. Ruth'sbest friend dies from pneumoniaand is terribly effected. As Octoberarrived things started to get better. Characters: *Grace Edwards- 12 year old girl thatrights the Diary.*Ruth Edwards- Grace's little sister*Helen Walker- Grace's best friendwho gave her the Diary.*Hannah Mayfield- Ruth's best friendthat dies from pneumonia. Did You Know..?*Many people got sick from the dust.*Grace's mother had to wash dishes before and after eating.*Her and her sister had to walk 2 miles to go to school.*They had to constantly sweep the house because of the dust.*Many of their animals died because of the storm.
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