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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 American Idol started out in England and moved to America. All of the Americans love it, so it stayed in America. American Idol is a show in which hundreds of people audition and about half of them make it in. You have to be ages 15-29. The auditions are all over America, so you most likely don't have to travel too far to get there. If you make it, you go to Hollywood and get into a group and do a group performance. A few people get eliminated and who is left preforms solo. More people get eliminated. Then they preform solo again and people get eliminated to the top 24. Then each one preforms solo and you can vote on the website or text to a number. Each week, one person gets eliminated. About the competitors...-Daniel Savey is 15 and the youngest one in. He is only 15 and personally, I think he is too young. -Jax has a very powerful and strong voice. Many times I will hear a song on the radio and think that Jax would be good at singing it. -Joey Cook has lots of personality and adds an extra flare to her music. -Tyanna Jones is probably the best voice that I have ever heard on this show. Wow is all that I can say. -Quassim Middleton can make quite a performance. He will run all over the stage and dance. This is why the Judges used their only save of the season on him. He was voted out, but he is still in. -Rayvon has tried out for American idol for the last 4 years and only made to the top 24 this year. -Quinten has a low and slow voice. For audition, he sang Royals by Lorde. -Nick Feridandi has a nice smooth voice that many people like. -Clark is not so much of an amazing singer but is good enough to have made it to the top nine. If you get voted out, you can still preform to the judges, and if you are good enough, they will save you. There is only one save for each season. (Left)This is Ryan Seacrest, the host. (Right)These are the Judges: Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr.
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