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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 American-Muslim Apologetics "Muslim Apologetics is the study of Islamic theology that provides a rational warrant for the truth claims of the Islamic belief."1 In the process of explaining Islam to those who do not necessarily know it, there is typically a divide giving rise to pro-Islam and anti-Islamperspectives. This is especially truein the US of A. anti-Islam Female genital mutilation, child brides, violently enforced dress codes for women are more prevalent in Islamic societies than in non-Islamic societies. 4 On a negative side, some former-Muslims describe Islamic culture as misogynistic, claiming that the Quran calls for harsh punishment for women. The Christian Religion [has] not typically viewed the bible with such SUPERTISTIOUS regard. 5 Arguing that the America was founded on the priniciples of Christianity, Apologetic Press describes that there is something amiss when anti-American demonstrations are held over the mistreatment of a Quran, and Americans have lost reverence for the Word of God a.k.a. the bible. "Westerners are primarily interested in how Islam affects them, as non-Muslims." 3 Some Americans believe that it is only naturalfor Americans to be concerned with the negativeaspects of Islam using the example of 9/11and Qur'anic passages taken out of context. At the pro-Islam end of the spectrum, the Quran is represented as holder of scientific miracles such as wormholes, the speed of light and even the big bang theory. By definition an apologist defends a position and does not merely attempt to deconstruct a position they disagree with.2 Former Muslim turned Christian, Nabeel Qureshi, explains his Islamic upbringing as being one-sided, and just like Americans have preconceived notions of Muslims, Muslims have preconceived notions of Americans and Christians. "As Islam grows stronger and stronger in the 'post-Christian' secular West,propaganda of haters [are] rising exponentially with it...Average Muslims should be educated about apologetics and its deceptions and tricks." 7 As an opposition to Anti-Muslim Apologetics, pro-Muslim sites and blogs exist to dispel notions of Islam, especially in the face of rising prejudice. However, these sometimes work through inflating stereotypes of non-muslims. pro-Islam Middle Ground 6 "There are many STUNNING Scientific Miracles in the Glorious Quran that testify to the Divinity of the Glorious Qur'an" 8,9,10 Bibliography URL David RenteriaSpQ14
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