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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Dulcimer The Anatomy of the Dulcimer The Anatomy of the Dulcimer Some Instrument Decsendants Some Instrument Decsendants Some famous people include: Steven Tyler, Enya, Dana Hamilton, and the Blue Man Group and many more! The hammered dulcimer is a part of the zither strings family. There are an average of 3-12 strings and are plucked to makea sound. Different strings are connected to different pegs, which are tighter for a higher pitch, and vice versa for lower pitches. Playing louder requires a more vigorous pluck with more force and pulled higher. The body is made out of wood or metal and the strings are made of metal. Into the Historical Intstruments Taking a closer look into the instrument that began the string intruments (kind of) By: Claire Nguyen A Claire Loren Thuy Thi Nguyen Balajonda Production. All copyright intended. Reproduction of this poster can be used against unless alotted permisson to do so. All rights reserved. 2015 A string instrument of the infamous Zither family!Also closely related to the Epinette des Vosges, (France),the Langeleik (Norway), the Scheitholt (Germany), theHummel, the Monochord. the Zither, and the Appalachiandulcimer! Some Famous People Who Played the Dulcimer Some Famous People Who Played the Dulcimer Fun Facts Fun Facts Have origins in Iran as the citar or santir, an instrument used to produce the ancient classical music of Persia. The spice and silk trades that criscrossed the Middle East during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance may have been responsible for the instrument's presence in Spain by the twelfth century and its appearance in China.
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