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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Murmurs Heart murmurs is a abnormal sound in the beat of the heart, most communally the sounds are caused by defective or smallerthan normal valves, not allowing the valve to either close or open completly Heart murmurs are mostly innocent however if someone had these other symptoms it can indicate other heart problems skin that appears blueswelling or sudden weight gainshortness of breathchronic coughingenlarged liver or neck veinschest paindizzinessfainting There are two types of murmurs-innocent murmurs: occurs only when blood is moving more rapidly through the heart-abnormal murmurs: Presents it self from birth it can be a little more serious usually caused by structural problems in the heart such as, holes in the walls of the heart or valves not closing or opening completely Treatments -Medications to prevent clottingand medications to make you urinateexcess salt and water-surgery to correct problems -About 80 percent of children have a heart murmur at one point in their life-children born eight out of 1000 will be born with structural heart problems People with an innocent heart murmur have a great prognosis. Their hearts tend to still be healthy and dont have to restrict any of their activities. For people who have abnormal heart beats, the prognosis depends on the servility of the condition. Either way chances of survival are still very high.
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