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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MulanPattern Assignment Mulan's status quot in society was low since she brought dishonor for not being a suitable bride. Lauren Lazos Status Quot Call to Adventure Mulans's call to adventure was when Mulans's father was called for war but Mulan took his place to protect him. The Hero Needs Help Mulan gets help from her ancestors when they "send" a small dragon by the name of Mushu. Travels to a New World Mulan travels to camp that she needs to addend to train to prep for war. She needs to acts manly to fit in Goes Through Trials Mulan goes through intense trials to see if she is ready for war. She went through many hardships until she succeeded. Approach When the group of solders are called for assistance they find out the team before them were defeated by the Hans. Crisis After travelling for a while they get ambushed by the Hans, Mulan gets injured but defeats them to find later on they are still alive. She was injured so that was when they found out that she was a woman, Treasure When she was discovered, the group left her and told her to go home. Then she warned that the Hans were still alive and helped save the emperor. She was rewarded the greatest honor anyone could have, Reasult The result after was that her family was very peoud of her and she gained back her honor. Return Mulan returns triumphant and is now a very important person in China, who was not afraid to show who she is and what she had to do to protect her father. New Life After coming back from war general Shane wants to get to know her better to later get married. She was know as the most fearless woman in China. Resoulution The resolution in her story is to take her fathers place even if it meant life or death. Status Quo Her status quot after defeating the Hans shot up and her popularity grew dramticlly
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