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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MS (multiple sclerosis) is a neurological disorder that occurs from inflammation in the central nervous system. This can create a wide range of symptoms, with attacks in the early stages, that progresses throughout decades. MS's cause is still unknown but a defective immune system may help. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Vitamin D might help MS FACTS ABOUT MS The average estimated cases of MS per 100,000 is 33! MS needs several genes to be hereditary Your chances of getting MS are higher if you've smoked MS occurs when a defective immune system attacks myelin on the cells, and T-cells and macrophages get confused and attack the brain, causing inflammation and plaques. Inside the lesion the myelin die off. The axons are usually left alone, but cannot function without the myelin so the message is "garbled" or slow, or not even sent. More women get MS than men. It is not very easy to diagnose because MS causes many symptoms that together make MS, but could be any bunch of other things too, so you need several different instances to be sure. MS lasts for life. Sometimes there is a bad attack, then goes back to normal. But after many years, going back to normal takes a while. After that, there is no going back to normal. From this point on, there is no help, and the patient slowly deteriorates.j SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: Bouts of pain and spasms Fatigue and depression Difficulty doing simple things And small, seemingly random things like blurry vision, or you can't seem to turn a page or drum your fingers.
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