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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aztec Inca Venn Diagram -Started in a lake and called it Tenochtitlan -Aztec boys had to cut their hand to becomewarriors Location Dates Government Religion Farming Art/Culture/Education Inventions Conquest Weapons/Army -Made golden masksfor theirleaders -The capital city wasCuzco -Conquered byHernan Cortes whileMontezuma wasthe leader -Located in Latin America -Each househad a steamroom -Had allianceswith two othercities, Texcocoand Tlacopan toform the triplealliance -Extremely powerfulempires withmany followers -The Aztecsbelieved that thegods sacrificedthemselves tocreate the world -Made sacrifices tothe gods tothank them -Men would gathermaize, or corn,and the womenwould grind themto a paste to maketortillas -They made stepscalled terraceson hills to be ableto farm -At one time ofyear they wouldfeed the royalmummys -Made a calenderand predictedthe end of the world in 2012(it was wrong) -Produced a largevariety of crops -Made clubs withsharpened rockson the side -Cloth and textilewas like goldand was a greatachievement forthe inca Inca Aztec -Made ahuge cityin the AndesMountainscalled MachuPicchu -Boys and girlswent to differentschools to learnabout what menand women didin the empire Francisco Pizarro conqueredthe Incan civilizationwhile Atahualpa wasthe leader -Hernan Cortes conquered them in 1519 -Took over other civilizationsand groups tomake theirs bigger -Francisco Pizarroconquered them in1532
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