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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOLUTIONS-Throw a good-bye party-Make a memory book (pictures and contact info)-Visit favorite places-and people-Make a wish-list on what you want in your new house-House-hunt together-Let them pick their own room-Help them decorate and re-organize-Try to put pictures and things that remind your child of your old life-Keep some old furniture/valuable items-Get your kid settled easily and fast M MOVING WITH KIDS IS HARD, FIND OUT WAYS HOW TO MAKE IT EASIER!!! PROBLEMS-Kids are don't want to leave close friends-Don't want to leave being "popular" (Its true)-Have a "reputation" to uphold ^-Depending on your kids age, they will be attached to their community-They do not want to go through moving all the boxes, and furniture-They are emotionally attached to their homes-Are afraid of what is going to happen at their new home-Don't make friends easily (maybe)-They don't want to move school (afraid to make new friends)-They frequently have moved before, and don't want to anymore __________________________________________________ From Paris to New York V I N G K D I S W T H We areMoving!!! __________________________________________________ ________________________ ________________________ I don't wantto move!!! Even when its just around the block or all the way across the country, kids don't want to move. No Moving!!! get your child involved your child with moving By Gisele Chhoeuy
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