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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does theMountain Lion hunt? How does theMountain Lion hunt? Sonny KimMountain Lion Citizen12-2-14 Common characteristics of all Mountain Lions. Mountain Lions are solitary creatures with the exception of females who will care for her own cubs. On average they kill a deer every 10 to 14 days. Most kills are from behind, starting from a stalk to a sprint after their prey. Are opportunistic hunters and can hunt various animals for food. This includes different rabbits, small mammals like raccoons, and even other predators like bobcats. TOOLS OF A KILLER TOOLS OF A KILLER Enhanced vision with the ability to change light exposure as well as open its pupil area three times the size of a human.287 Degrees of vision in total with a binocular overlap of130 degrees in front. *see diagramAcute sense of smell for detection with vision allows the lionto harness its full anatomy of predatory. Their whiskers pinpointsthe area of the bite while the tip of the nose allows for sensor adaptations to the environment. i.e. Temperture. They are very stealthy and prefer undergrowth and vegetation to hide them from stalking prey. Mountain Lions are about speed and a quick kill. They need to be fast, they are sprinters not marathoners.Mule deer is the most popular prey for Mountain Lions.Males use their territory by patrollingmaking sure to protect their territory. These big cats have snappy claws that can retract and protract on a whim. Can leap 15 feet up a tree SOURCES GO FOR THE NECK! mountain lion class ER64 photos
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