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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ? Moulding Moulding Moulding By Alisa Chau mould - a special rigid form used to cast raw materials into shape A chocolate mould What is moulding? Moulding is a manufacturing process in whichraw materials that are pliable (meaning easilybent and flexible) or liquid is shaped in a rigidform known as a mould or matrix to take on anew form. Making a mould: 1. A pattern is used, it's usually a replica of the finished product 2. The pattern is made out of materials like wood and other soft objects3. It's commonly used to cast metals or plastic resin A mould pattern made out of wood There are many different types of moulding; each with it's own special use.Moulds for casting metals are made in a unique blend of sand, metal or plasterwhereas moulds for plastic resin are made in plaster or rubber. An examplewould be: Types Injection Moulding 1. Plastic powder granules arepoured or fed into a hopperwhich stores it until it is needed2. A heater heats up the tube andwhen it reaches a hightemperature a screw threadstarts turning3. A motor turns a thread whichpushes the granules along theheater section melting it into aliquid. The liquid is forced into amould where it cools into the shape4. The mould then opens and theshape is removed + Advantages:-Fast, cheap and easy to produce-Low waste-Flexible designs - Disadvantages:-Expensive to set up-There is always uncertainties in design and costs
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