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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Age of Discovery Motivation for the Since none of the land in the "New World" had been claimed by anybody, it wasan oppurtunity for countries such asSpain and Britian to extend their reignof power easily and not have to fight totake over land from existing countries. Crusades Buck Mansion Established No More Pressure The crusades had been common. They composed of various religious militarycampaigns to spread and convert peopleto Christianity. Rewards for taking part inthese Crusades included:Spread true faith, serve crown, land, andcontrol over inhabitants.What better place to do thisin a new land? Religion One of the main driving forcesfor the Age of Discovery was religion Spread Power None of the land in the "New World" had been claimed by any countryyet. This meant it was land thatcould be conqured by any country thatwanted it Gold, Silver, and More Stories of riches such as gold, silver, andmany other precious metals and resourceshad made their way to Europe. This sentmany people to the Americas in search ofwealth and a new life. Land Since the land had not been exposedto any kind of European religion, thechurch saw it as a great oppurtunityto spread what they called "True Faith". They could expose the natives toChristianity without having to worryabout other competing religions. Thisalso brought about a great influx of followers To Take Over Of the Country Fighting for Religion For Those Worthy Labor Explorers may have had the motivation to go off exploring andconquering, but without technology such as gunpowder, and new ship designs, they would not have been able to do so. Land Some were motivated by the idea of being able to go to a new landfree from restrictions on their religious practices. This way they wereable to worship freely without having to worry about persecution. Slave Labor Is Free As explorers soon found out, the nativeswere extremely willing and unfortunatelya bit gullible. This allowed them to takethe natives back to their home countriesfor sale; slaves didn't need to be paid soit was free labor. Technology Motivation Isn't the Only Thing Riches In New World Spread Faith Economics Economy is what sustains countries, making them greatly sought after. Land was given to those who deservedit according to the church (suchas participating in the crusades). This was a big motivating factor for anyone who did not own landand wanted to acquire some. Escaping Religion To what extent did religion and economics play a motivating role in the Age of Discovery? Economics and religion played a massive role in motivating the Age of Discovery. Some might argue that itwas the greatest motivator above all else. From crusades, land, being able to freely worship, to labor, richesand spreading power; they all played a big motivating role.
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