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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Force is a type of energy, an energy in motion What is Force? An Unbalanced force is when the object is moving,and the forces against the object are different. A balanced force is when an object is not moving, all the forces acting on the object are equal Newtons First Law, what's that? What could have changed about the elite straw rockets, in order to make it go faster How does the mass of an object effect its weight What is drag? Newton's third law, what is that? What is spring scale measure Newton's first law is an object the will remain at rest An example of Newtons first law would be when you're waiting at a stop light then you start to ride. The fins sticking out caused it to slow down. The clay effected the massThe length made it a bit slower as well.The motion of the object gets affected by how much mass the object hash I could've added more fins in the back and front. The mass of the object is effected by the force needed to move it is the cause the mass can move with its height and weight. And it can add Drag is pulling something or some one forcefully or roughly with force Newton's third law is for every action, there is always and equal and opposite reaction. An example of Newton's third law would be when you stand on the ground and you don't sink because the reaction of force people, your weight is equal to the reaction force Sling scale measures both units of force, pounds, grams, and kilograms Push What is a balanced force and an unbalanced force?
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