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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Morquio Syndrome By: Jolie Dobosz What is it? Symptoms Bibliography Morquio syndrome is an inherited condition of the metabolism in which the affected person's body is missing or does not make enough of a substance used to break down chains of sugars. There are two types of Morquio, Morquio A and morquio B. Morquio A is much more serious than Morquio B. People with Morquio A don't have a substance enzyme that is called galactosamine-6-sulfatase. While people who have Morquio B don't produce enough of an enzyme that is known as beta-galactosidase. Outlook Most symptoms of Morquio syndrome do not show up until between the ages of 1-3. Some of the most noticeable symptoms of this disease may be the following: strangely shaped bones, abnormally shaped chest and ribs, short stature, knock knees, widely spaced teeth and more. Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations Other Information People with Morquio syndrome will have many complications in their lives, such as heart problems, trouble breathing, vision problems, spinal complications, possible paralysis, and more. For some surgery can be done to help with those problems. Sadly though for many sufferers their symptoms will be too much for their body to handle. *At the moment there is not a specific treatment for Morquio syndrome. Though some reseachers are developing a treatment that involves an enzyme replacement.*Testing may in clude the following: genetic testing, blood culture, hearing tests, and slit lamp vision testing.*If both parents have the bad gene that is related to this disease, then each of their kids have a 25% chance of inheriting it.
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