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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints First community in Palmyra NYMoved to MissouriMoved to Nauvoo, Missouri to try to establish a thriving Mormon community Followers believed that this American religious tradition represented a rebirth of Christianity. Mormon Exodus Found treasure that unlocked Indian history. Smith published the Book of Mormon Joseph Smith Opposed traditional ProtestantismSpread Adam-God doctrine Most successful religious community of the Second Great Awakening. Brigham Young double click to change this title text! Mormons Magical Stones translated what was written on Golden Plates by prophet-historian named Mormon. Upset with Smith's support of polygamy, a mob killed Smith and his brother Joseph Smith Brigham Young Led Mormons to finally settle in Utah with more autonomy Helped settle American west, founding hundreds of towns Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgobrought back Americancontrol Mormon War broke out over polygamy, Mormon leaders eventually caved to protect the future of the religion Young replaced by territitorial governor By: Ryan Margolin and Tyler Marmo Goals Create an alternative religion to Catholicism and Protestantism:Accomplished by publishing Book of Mormonand establishing Mormon communities Establish a successful community of Mormons:Accomplished (Short-term) by steering clear of critics and resettling multiple times Keep the religion alive: Accomplsihed Legacy Mormonism is still a growing religion today Replaced Smith upon his death
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