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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mormonism Joseph Smith Jr. Brigham Young Mormon Leader Important Founder Figures Smith was a New York resident who wrote the Book of Mormon in 1830. He organized the first Mormon community, and due to local hostilities, led their migrations to Missouri and later, Illinois. After Smith's assassination in 1844, Young oversaw the Mormons' migration to Utah and was appointed the territorial governor in 1850.He was unseated in 1857 when President James Buchanan appointed a non-Mormon governor. More liberal or fundamentalist groups followed would-be successors to Smith, often claiming themselves as the "one true faith," and are generally not recognized by The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. While the majority of Mormons continued to follow The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints after the murder of Joseph Smith, several sects emerged during the Succession Crisis. Denominations and Sects Goals of Mormonism Establishment of Mormon Communities - unique familial relations- religious fervor to create Mormon centers- seen in the quickly growing present-day church - denial of other Christian faiths, claiming they are corrupted- Mormon followers read Joseph Smith's interpretation of the Bible- separate views of the Holy Trinity The original Mormon movement accomplished several of its goals, founding many religious communities in Illinois, Missouri, and Utah. Despite persecution, the religion gains converts and continues to emphasize its religious and social values. The ideals of a strong family system and Smith's religious virtues remain in many Mormon sects. The movement is a unique product of the Second Great Awakening, and has contributed to the religious ideology within American society. The expansion of the Mormon faith has added to the mixing of several beliefs in the national culture. Also, the Mormon community often partakes in humanitarian efforts. Increased familial mobility within the Mormon culture allows for social changes and development. Religious Purity Women marching in favor of polygamy
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