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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COMPARING AND CONTRASTING RELIGIONS A LOOK AT 3 DIFFERENT LIFE STYLES -Belief in reincarnation -Belief in the karma system-Belief in the minimization of harm Mormonism Buddhism Wiccan STATISTICS -Belief in eternal marriage and plural marriage -Have a set of rules and guidelines to follow for living life -Founded in the 1820's by Joseph Smith Jr. Blue - Buddhism 97% Orange - Mormonism 2%Black - Wiccan 1% Out of 323,536,967 people of these 3 faiths... -Introduced to the public of England in 1954 by Gerald Gardener -Duotheistc (their gods are the Mother Goddess and Horned God) -Were persecuted (in America) at different points of history -Sunday is the holy day of rest. Typically, Mormons do not do anything nonreligious on Sundays. -There are over 15 millionpracticing Mormons in the worldand 6 million of them are inAmerica -Their religion changes based upon where they are and what coven or lineage they belong to -Follow the Wiccan Redeand Book of Shadows as well as the 8 virtues -Follow the 3testament bible HOLIDAYS Buddhists celebrate 10 -Like the Buddhist New YearMormons celebrate 3 -For example Pioneer DayWiccans celebrate 8 -Such as Solstices Each religion has different holidays -Founded in 5th century BCE by Siddhartha Gautama -Follow the path to enlightenment(4 noble truths, 5 precepts,and the eightfold path) -There is no one Buddhist equivilant of the bible, but they have the Pali Canon, which is a collection of works about Buddhism -A Buddhist's goal is to reach Nirvanaby accepting imperfection, impermanence, and interconnectedness -Buddhists don't believein souls An infographic created by Bri and Kenzie
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