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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The builders of the Pyramids * Thousands of people built the pyramids. Anywhere from 4000 to 18000 men were needed to build the pyramids. *Master builders were needed to make a perfect square base. *Quarry men dug out stone from the ground. While Architects were planners of the pyramid, Mason's shaped rough stone. Sculptors made statues and carvings, and many farmers worked on pyramids of there own. How were the Pyramids built? * First they would prepare the site by leveling the area, and then they would remove the sand and gravel so that the pyramid stands on bare rock. * They also had to align the pyramid so each side faced exactly north, south, east, or west. * As they got higher up the pyramid mud ramps were built to make it easier to put the next level of the pyramid on. They would keep building the ramp taller and taller as they go up the pyramid. Quarrymen What was a Pyramids purpose? *The purpose of a pyramid was to be a tomb for the all the very important people in Egypt. For example the Pharaohs, Kings and Queens. How long did it take to build a pyramid? * The great pyramid of Giza took about 20 years to complete. *The time it takes to build the pyramid depends on the size it's going to be. The exterior of the pyramids * Usually the top of the pyramid, capstone or top- stone was the last thing placed on a pyramid. It was made of special stone or even gold and it was very decorated. *The pyramids also had and enclosure wall around it and laying behind that was a courtyard. More about the Egyptian Pyramids By: Abby Goulas
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