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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Costs v. Benefits Morality and Power In the time periods of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, there were many changes in morality and power of people. There were benefits and costs of the changes. Morality Power The Code of Chivalry Costs Benefits The Dome Benefits Costs Patronage Rulers with Religion Costs Benefits Benefits Costs The Church Trade Benefits Costs Costs Benefits If Knights do not obey the code of chivalry they won't be respected ortrusted by anyone. If Knights follow the code of chivalry they will be trusted with more difficult task. They will also be respected and admired by everyone in the kingdom espically the king. The Dome in Florence took time to build and a lot of money was put into this dome. Also the architect,Filippo Brunelleschi, was trying out new techniques so there was a chance that it would not work. The Dome was symbol of Florence's wealth and power and that was known across Europe. Patrons just supported the arts to show people how much money they would spend. That would show how high up in social class they were in too. Because of patronage the greatest works of the arts were created. For example, Sandro Botticelli created"The Birth of Venus"with the help of his patrons. Many rulers became part of a popular religion so they could get on the side with the most people and unify everyone into one religion. Some people believed in a different religion then the ruler so they migt have to transfer religions and believe in something they don't believe in. Also, this could start a rebellion if a ruler picks one religion over another. . Unifies a diverse group of people, even a ruler could join the Christian Church. If you go against the christianchurch or if youdo something the church thinks you did something wrong you could die. This is called Heresy. If you are a country who controlls the trade you get a lot of goods from different countries that is not in your country. Your country can become more diverse in food, clothing and animals. If your a country with a lot of trade you could get disease or spread a disease across other countries. This occurred with the Black Death which killed a lot of people across Europe and is still around today but does not occur often. Citations:"Costs and Benefits." N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2014.
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